Popeye Village 01/07-31/08 with transport

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Join us for exiting day at famous Popeye Village in Malta!Fun for a whole family!Jump your way on our trampolines, try our moon walker see-saw your afternoon away whilst bathing in crystal clear waters of Anchor Bay.
Relax during a very hot Maltese summer day whilst making use of the:Sun beds,Sun Umbrellas,Sun Decks,Bathing Areas,Trampolines and Splash Pool.
Be part of of a cast and become movie stars for one day by staring in an actual movie.
Copies of this epic thriller can be purchased after the preview!
Children are considered as from 3-12 years
This package is valid from 1 st July-31st August
Package include:
Entrance to Popeye’s Film Set
Use of Water Games,Trampolines and Slides
Use of Splash Pool
Use of Play Pool
Use of Sun Beds,Sun Umbrellas and Showers
Variety of Animation Shows
Access to Popeye’s Comic Museum
Entrance to the Cinema (for a 15 min Documentary of the Film Set)
Silver Smith Demonstration
Opening hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm (often extended to 7 pm )


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