The Three Cities & Wine Tasting Tour

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Senglia,Cospiqua and Vittoriosa and known as The three Cities.When Knight came to Malta they wanted to settle somewhere near the sea to keep their galleys safe and to be ready for attacks from the sea.As Mdina was too far from the sea they decided to settle at Birgu (Vittoriosa)at that time known as the village of Borgo .Senglea (also called Civitas Invicta ) as managed to beat Ottoman invasion during the Great Siege 1565.The city got its name by the GM Claude De La Single, who built the city.
Another stop during this great tour is at the Marsovin Cellars in Marsa.During the introduction we will visit the basement and see the process of how the local grown grapes are pressed and transformed into the vine. Tour is followed by sampling in the Marsovin wine bar accompanied by a selection of local savouries like Maltese bread and cheese. There will be availability to purchase these vines. Vat not included


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