Valletta walking tour

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Join us for 90 min guided walking tour around Valletta. Capital city of Malta! Visit the city of Grand Master Jean de Vallette after whom the city is named! Our guide will take you true history from 1566 until today!

Price: 15 eur per person
Minimum 10 guests!



Organizer keeps the right to cancel the tour if not enough bookings!

5 reviews for Valletta walking tour

  1. taha Harchi

    Valletta city tour
    Good organised tour the guide knew very good what she talked about.
    The places we visited the way that the guide speaks is very attractive I noticed that the objective of the guide is not only telling facts but also to teach you something about each monument that you will visit in the tour.
    And to let you understand what’s behind every monument. What I liked the most was at the end of the tour there was some time for some enjoyment because there is a Maltese man who sings in many languages and he is very popular Maltese songwriter, Benny Grima so it was nice that the guide made some time at the end of the tour to visit this man and to enjoy the music.

  2. Valentina

    Vrlo profesionalno, sa mnogo odlicnih podataka. Svaka preporuka!

  3. Sanja

    Odlična agencija, Marina je vrlo profesionalna, puna znanja, posvećena putnicima. Njena priča drži pažnju i pamti se. Sve preporuke, nema greške…

  4. Stefan

    Marina was a great tour guide! Very intuitive and creative! We learned so much about Malta from our tour and had a lot of fun!

  5. Jelena

    Marina is great guide, very professional, responsible and organized. We learned a lot about Malta. I recommend the agency and tour guide Marina

    • Marina Stevancevic

      Many thanks, hope to see you again in Malta!

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